Pullman Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Welcome to the Online Map for the Pullman Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan!

This is a community plan. We need input from you--the people who bike and walk around Pullman every day (or who would like to but haven't started yet). We’re asking you to tell us what issues you come across while out and about on foot or on wheels, or what issues keep you from doing it in the first place. The information you share will guide the city’s investment in projects to make Pullman a safer, more comfortable place for people walking and biking.

To add comments to the map, please sign in by adding your email in the box below. A short survey will pop up before editing is active. Email is not required; it will be helpful if we have questions about your suggestions.


For more information please email us at BikePedComments@pullman-wa.gov

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