Ward Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Study

Thank you for being part of creating the Ward Road Multimodal Study! The City of Arvada is working with its consultant Toole Design, a Stakeholder Committee, and you, the public, to set forth a vision for the corridor. For more information, you can visit the project’s webpage on Speak up Arvada

The study will evaluate the corridor and recommend improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. The limits of the study are from Ridge Road to the south to W 72nd Avenue to the north.

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Tap one of the buttons, draw on the map, and then answer the questions that appear.

Note: the rendering of crosswalk markings may appear incomplete, this is due to visualization capabilities of the webmap, and not reflective of the proposed designs.

Option A

Option A involves reconstructing Ward Road to include a landscaped median and sidepaths (shared by bicyclists and pedestrians) on both sides of the road.

Option B

Option B involves reconstructing Ward Road to include a landscaped median as well as wider sidewalks and raised bike lanes on both sides of the road.

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