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The public input period is now closed. Thank you for your feedback! You can view some of the feedback we received by proceeding to the map page.

The Town of Brookline is in the process of updating its Complete Streets Prioritization Plan after constructing most of the projects from the original plan published in 2018. The focus of this effort is on identifying street and intersection improvement projects, as well as pedestrian and bicycle amenities projects, for future construction funding that advance the Town of Brookline’s goal to invest in and prioritize projects that improve safety and access for people using all modes of transportation, especially those that are sustainable and/or involve vulnerable users. These goals are demonstrated by

  • The Town’s Complete Streets Policy
  • The Select Board’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050
  • Town Meeting’s December 2019 Healthy & Sustainable Transportation resolution to achieve a transportation mode share of 75% of trips by walking, biking, electric micro-mobility, and public transit

In addition to guiding implementation of Complete Streets projects more broadly, the Plan will make the Town eligible to apply for project construction funding through the MassDOT Complete Streets Funding Program.

The Town has developed this online survey and web-mapping tool to give you a chance to share your experiences and your ideas for improving transportation and mobility for everyone in Brookline. Your input will be used to identify projects for inclusion in the Plan and to guide the process of prioritizing projects for funding.

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Where would you like to see safer, more comfortable, and more convenient places for travel in Brookline?

Show us the locations that could be made safer, more comfortable, and more convenient with design improvements. Click on the "Add a Point" button, place a point on the map in the location where you would like to comment, and then answer the questions that appear.

The public input period is now closed. Thank you for your feedback! You can view some of the feedback we received by using the "See what other's have shared" map button.

Tell us what's missing. Tap one of the buttons, draw on the map, and then answer the questions that appear.

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