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Casper Area Bike & Pedestrian Plan

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Thank you for telling us about how walk and bicycle around the Casper area! This survey will give you the chance to tell us about yourself, the places you'd like to be able to walk and bike to, and the streets that make walking and bicycling challenging. We'll use this information to make sure that the Casper Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is community-driven.

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Tell Us About How You Walk and Bike Around the Casper Area

You can use the + and - signs on the map or your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in to see neighborhoods and the proposed locations in greater detail. The map's layers icon allows you to switch to a satellite imagery basemap. Search for a specific address using the search

Please tell us about 1) the barriers to walking and bicycling and 2) the places you'd like to get to by foot or by bike.

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