Clovis Active Transportation Plan

The City of Clovis is updating its Active Transportation Plan. The Plan will establish goals and objectives to improve conditions for people walking, bicycling, or using other mobility devices throughout the city!

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This is a community plan; your input will ensure the plan represents what the community wants and needs.

To add comments to the map, please sign in by adding your email in the box below and clicking on “continue to map.” Before you get to the map, a short survey will pop up before to help the project team better understand your travel patterns and concerns as they relate to walking and bicycling. Email is not required; it will be helpful if we have questions about your suggestions.

For more information about the Clovis Active Transportation Plan go to: project webpage link (TBD, open in new tab or window).

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Walking and Biking in Clovis

Use the red, yellow, and blue buttons below to provide input on walking and biking routes and locations like intersections that you would like to travel to or would benefit from spot improvements. After you select a place, you'll have the opportunity to tell us more about your thoughts on that location.

Thanks for providing feedback for improving walking and biking in Clovis! Click on a feature to add feedback specific to that location. Clicking on legend items will toggle those features on and off. You can use the + and - signs on the map or your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in to see neighborhoods and the proposed locations in greater detail. The map's layers icon allows you to switch to a satellite imagery basemap. Search for a specific address using the search

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