Bike Plus Draft Vision Network

Welcome to the interactive map for the Bike Plus Draft Vision Network.

The City is in the process of conducting a technical review and feasibility analysis of the draft vision network. In conjunction with your feedback, the draft vision network is subject to change in the final plan. Please note that the draft vision network focuses on City of Columbus infrastructure. Connections may be shown between jurisdictions and will be coordinated with the respective jurisdiction.

Bike Plus is a plan by the City of Columbus to create a safe, connected and comfortable network for people to bike, scooter, skate and roll in the city.

The draft vision network map shown here was developed using feedback from the initial online interactive map, a series of pop-up meetings, an online survey, a 4-day workshop with stakeholders, and a series of public office hours. Your feedback on the proposed projects will help the city finalize a planned network that connects community members to the places they need and want to go.

Proceed to the map by clicking “Let’s Go”.

Draft Vision Network

Click a proposed route on the map to leave a comment. Tell us if you like the proposed route or if it needs to be improved or altered. In addition to the proposed routes, future designs will also explore opportunities to improve key intersections.

At a minimum, we’re asking everyone to give feedback on your top five favorite routes. Feel free to leave as many comments as you’d like (in addition to your top five).

Thanks for reviewing the current proposals for improving biking, scooting, skating and rolling!

Tell us what's missing. Tap one of the buttons, draw on the map, and then answer the questions that appear.

All done? Simply close your browser when you're finished leaving comments.


Click on a route to add feedback specific to that proposal. Clicking on legend items will toggle those groups on and off. You can use the + and - signs on the map or your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in to see the map in greater detail. The map's layers icon allows you to switch to a satellite imagery basemap. Zoom to your location using the button on the map. Search for a specific address using the search icon. On a mobile device, use the mobile switch screens icon icon to toggle between the map and the controls sidebar.
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