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Core to Coast Trail Project Survey!

The Coast to Coast Trail project is Jacksonville’s trail plan for biking from downtown to the beach. This story map explains the project’s benefits through a discussion of opportunity, access, safety, and social benefits

Please fill out the survey questions as you move through the story and submit your comments at the end to help support this trail project.


The Core to Coast Trail Project will provide opportunities in many areas, including access to the beach, downtown, and various neighborhoods, as well as to the East Coast Greenway.

You might be wondering how many people will have easy access to the trail. We developed ½-and 1-mile travel sheds — illustrations of the destinations that are this distance or closer — around the Core to Coast Trail Project to visualize the answer to this question. The chart below highlights how many people will have access within ¼-mile, ½-mile, 1, or 2-mile(s) of the trail (source: 2017 American Community Survey Estimates).

What part of Jacksonville do you travel to most often? (choose 3 points on the map by clicking the buttons below and placing a cusrsor at your location of choice.)

Where would you like to travel to on bike or by walking? (choose 3)

What limits your walking or bicycling? (select all that apply).


All options for the Core to Coast Trail Project are intended to provide a low-stress corridor through the Jacksonville area, from downtown to the shore. By looking at the proposed trail in relation to the relative accessibility of a given area in Jacksonville, we can see the extent to which the trail might provide this desired low-stress option.

Do you feel you are able to walk or bicycle as much as you would like?

Do you bike for transportation such as for running errands or to work?

How often do you walk for exercise or recreation?

Do you walk for transportation such as for running errands or to work?

Safety – Can you go safely?

A total of 3093 bicycle and pedestrian crashes happened in Jacksonville between 2011 and 2015. Each year during this period, an average of 39 people lost their while walking or riding their bicycle through Jacksonville. A total of 954 crashes (31%) occurred at an intersection while 2139 crashes (69%) occurred on road segments.

How would you rate road safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in Jacksonville?

Where do you feel unsafe when traveling? (choose up to 3)


The Core to Coast Trail will connect historically marginalized communities with a direct link to the coast. Additionally, this trail project will provide much needed, high-quality active transportation infrastructure in neighborhoods that have disproportionally high levels of households in poverty.

This map can be compared against the accessibility and opportunity sections above to highlight the impact of this trail.

Social Benefits

The Core to Coast Trail will connect several major regional destinations including the zoo, downtown, and the beaches. It also provides access to local parks, the riverfront, existing trails and bikeways, and numerous local entertainment and dining areas.

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