Fresno County Local Road Safety Plan

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Every day, people travel around Fresno County – to work, to go to school, to run errands, to have fun, and to meet their daily needs. No matter how or why you’re traveling, we want you to reach your destination safely.

Please complete this survey about road safety concerns or suggestions you have for Fresno County and its communities. This should take most people less than 5 minutes to complete.

The survey begins with a few questions about you, your travel patterns, and your desired road safety improvements. We ask them so we can understand whether this survey has reached people who represent all of Fresno County’s communities. After that, the survey will take you with an interactive map where you can mark locations with safety needs and leave comments telling us about your experiences.

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Translation and Interpretation

Fresno COG is committed to making sure all community members can join our efforts to improve road safety. To request information about interpretation or translation, please call 559-233-4148 or email

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Local Road Safety in Fresno County

Add your own points with comments including any information you would like us to know about those locations.

Use your mouse to pan around the map or click on the Navigation tab for a list of links to specific places on the map.

Thanks for giving us your input about how we can make local roads safer!

To share a safety concern, click the button below, click a location on the map and then answer the questions that follow.

All done? Simply close your browser when you're finished leaving comments.

Click on a city name to navigate the map to that location. Communities in bold are currently creating local road safety plans.

Orange Cove
San Joaquin
Unincorporated Fresno County (outside of city boundaries)

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