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Welcome to the Online Map for Howland Township’s Active Transportation Plan!

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What is an Active Transportation Plan?

Howland Township received an Ohio Department of Transportation grant to create an Active Transportation Plan. Walking, biking, using scooters, and using mobility devices are all considered active transportation!

The plan will make it easier for the Township to apply for construction projects, create new programs, and adopt policies to support active transportation.

Why is Howland Township doing an Active Transportation Plan?

Howland Township wants to make it easy, safe, and convenient for residents to walk or bike for some of their transportation needs. This plan was a key recommendation of the Township’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan Update! We are building on the exciting momentum of the Comprehensive Plan!

We Need Your Input

Please add comments on the map about places you wish you could walk or bike to, or locations where you think an improvement is needed.

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Walking and Biking in Howland Township

Thanks for reviewing the current proposals for improving walking and biking!

Tell us what's missing. Tap one of the buttons, draw on the map, and then answer the questions that appear.

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