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Los Angeles County Public Works (PW) is updating the Los Angeles County Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) that will serve as a guide for the development of safe and accessible bikeways and paths within unincorporated Los Angeles County and along county flood control channels.

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This survey allows you to comment on the draft 2025 bicycle network. The network will then be refined based on your feedback, a review of facility types based on context and feasibility, and a prioritization exercise to identify key projects. The first few questions should take less than 5 minutes to complete; after that you will be directed to a map to provide comments. There is no limit on the number of comments you can provide.

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How to provide feedback:

  1. Click a line on the map to tell us about your ideas on our draft bicycling network. Leave as many comments as you’d like!
  2. Add a point: Are there any places that are not yet connected on the draft network? Please add points on the map.

All done? Simply close your browser when you're finished leaving comments.

Please note that this map focuses on unincorporated LA County communities, flood channels, and the areas immediately around them.

Click here to learn more about the LA County Bicycle Master Plan and the different bikeway types across the County:

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Using the Map
  • Click on a feature to add feedback specific to that proposal.
  • Clicking on legend items will toggle those features on and off.
  • You can use the + and - signs on the map or your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in to see the map in greater detail.
  • The map's layers icon allows you to switch to a satellite imagery basemap.
  • Search for a specific address using the search icon.
  • On a mobile device, use the mobile switch screens icon icon to toggle between the map and the controls sidebar.

Information contained in this map is for planning purposes and should not be used for final design of any project. Existing conditions have not been field-verified. Further analysis and engineering design are necessary prior to implementing any of the recommendations contained herein.

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