Worcester Complete Streets Prioritization Plan

Did you know that Worcester has a Complete Streets Policy? The goal is to make it more safe, convenient, sustainable, and efficient to walk, bike, drive, and take transit. Doing so will improve access to neighborhoods and commercial areas and establish attractive streetscapes and vibrant public spaces.

Worcester is participating in the Massachusetts Complete Streets Funding Program. Completing a Prioritization Plan will make Worcester eligible to apply for $400,000 in funding to implement one or more street projects! We need your help to identify locations that you feel are unsafe and uncomfortable. We also want to know of areas that create problems for kids, older adults, and persons with disabilities.

First, please take the short survey below to help us understand your priorities for street improvements. Then, show us where street improvements are needed on a map.

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Where would you like to see safer and more comfortable places to travel?

Consider locations where you would like to see vehicles slow down (traffic calming), safer crossings, more/safer spaces to walk or bike, ADA/accessibility improvements, transit improvements, bike parking, street lighting, flooding issues fixed, or street trees or greenery.

Learn about Complete Streets measures from our toolkit.

Tap one of the buttons, draw on the map, and then answer the questions that appear.

If you have difficulty using the map, please email your suggestions to mobility@worcesterma.gov or call (508) 799-1400.

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